Please see these Frequently Asked Questions which will address most queries regarding obtaining a key and steps to follow.



1. Who can obtain a key to access the garden?

All residents at 1-40 Dorset square can apply for a key to the gardens


2. What documents do I need to provide in my application?

We require scan copies of the following: 

  • Photo ID - copy of photo page from passport or other national ID card 
  • Proof of address i.e. official document with your name and Dorset Square address on it. Council Tax Demand Notice often best
  • Signed Keyholder Undertaking (see pdf icon below) 


3. What are the fees?

A one-off payment of £80 deposit by the key holder (refundable on return of key) and proof of fully paid-up garden rates subscription.


4. Who is responsible for garden rates subscription?

The tenant pays and can then can reclaim from the landlord or the landlord pays. Regardless we cannot issue a key until garden rates are up to date. If you are not sure that the subscription is paid check with your landlord in the first instance.


5. How do I make payment?

We accept payment by wire transfer only to the following account. Make sure you put your address as a reference or we will have issues tracing the payment which leads to more delays issuing a key.


Dorset Square Trust


40 04 26



6. How long will it take to get my key?

The key management and access are done on a voluntary basis by residents in their spare time so please do not expect anything less than 5 working days for a response to your initial request. 

Following that if all the paperwork is received, key deposit is paid and garden subscription is up to date the keys will be physically handed over as soon as practicably possible.  The entire process could take a few weeks so please do not expect immediate access.


7. I am a neighbour of Dorset Square but not residing at 1-40 Dorset Square so can I get a key?

No and there are currently no exceptions to this policy.


8. I am not a resident but wish to access the garden to take photos or host an event so can I hire the space?

The garden is only accessible by residents and their guests with the exception of open days that are part of the London Open Gardens Scheme. There is no policy for hiring the space as a venue.


9. I have lost my key - how do I get a replacement?

Email support@keys4dorsetsquare.zohodesk.eu to report the missing key. A replacement will be provided upon receipt of a new deposit and subject to replacement key availability by the supplier. You may also be required to resend eligibility documentation.


10. What is the best way to make contact?

For all key related matters email to  support@keys4dorsetsquare.zohodesk.eu is the best way


keyholder undertaking.pdf